Holding Amelia in our hearts

We know that many of you already know the news of a great loss in our community.  A few weeks ago Shaun McLaughlin died while vacationing in Mexico.  Our hearts and prayers are with Amelia.  This has been a very emotional time for our community and we hold Amelia in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers.  Everyday we send her our strength during this difficult time.
Shaun would want us all to feel happiness for the life he lived, and the great impact he had in our community.
Death cuts deep into each of us, and we know the best medicine for healing, is the remembrance of the beauty a life brought to our world and the grace of time.
Amelia will be taking a break from her classes at the studio.  Please note Amelia’s Monday morning Yoga Basics class will not be held for the remaining time of this term, as well the March Move with Ease Series will not be held, we know you all understand.
Please hold Amelia in your hearts and send your memories of Shaun love and light
Hold those dear to you close, at times like this we are deeply reminded of life’s fragility.

Thank you to Nathan Rudyk for writing this beautiful piece in honor of Shaun McLaughlin.

A tribute to Shaun



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