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Namaste and Sat Naam

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some changes that will be taking place within the teaching of our Kundalini classes.

The Last few weeks have been difficult for our global Kundalini community, as there have been some findings that have come to light surrounding personal misconduct and unethical action by Yogi Bhajan.  Yogi Bhajan was a man who brought us a form of kundalini yoga which was termed Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  We will no longer be teaching Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, but we will be carrying forward the ancient practices and teachings that make up the foundations of yoga and the deeper teachings of Kundalini Yoga in it’s pure form.

We have seen this time and time again; Bikram Choudhury, John Friend, Amrit Desai, Pattabhi Jois, Osho, and recently with Jean Vanier.  Such a powerful reminder to not give away our power, and that our true guru (that which brings us from darkness to light) is inside of each of us.  When we tune in at the beginning of a yoga class, through our breath or mantra, we are reminded that we are honoring the divine teacher within each of us, our own innate wisdom to guide our practice.

These classes have been a part of the studio for over 12 years along with a community of teachers and students we love and support, we have witnessed the transformative effects of these practices in our own lives and in students.

As a yoga team we uphold a set of values that are not congruent with the findings that have been revealed around Yogi Bhajan’s actions. We have had many conversations on how we can best support our community going forward.  We want you to know that we will always support victims of abuse, we will always support people through trauma to try to find a way to the other side of the pain. Our hearts are with all the people that have been directly and indirectly harmed by this man’s actions,  we will always stand together with truth, transparency and honesty as teachers and as humans.

Our healing prayers are with the victims of this abuse and everyone that is affected, we have lit and continue to light many candles sending our thoughts and strength.

We are grateful that this truth has come forward, as difficult as it has been.  The heart of  kundalini yoga through time, is to help people to feel the best they can through a combination of hatha yoga (often a more dynamic practice), meditation, mantra, mudra and pranayama. We want you to be aware that there will be some differences in the way we show up and hold space at our Kundalini classes, but our intention of offering you compassionate healing space remains the same, in fact our intention has only strengthened.

Our yoga community here in Almonte is deeply connected, as a yoga family, and we have committed to move forward in our classes with purity, accountable self study, research based practices, anatomical education, and the utmost of integrity.

We are seeking a new way forward, honoring the gifts of our teachers, and the ancient yogic practices that create the foundation of what Kundalini yoga has grown from.  We take from this a deeper stance on  our own truth and integrity as humans, evolving our yoga to be in alignment with changing times.

We look forward to seeing you on your mat, and supporting you in body, mind and spirit on your own unique path.

May we all choose wisely and from our hearts, with love, and compassion for each other.

If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the studio before or after any of our classes, or give us a call/email.

We are here for you.

Yours in Service,


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