Notice: Covid – 19 and our studio

Namaste and Sat Naam

With growing concerns over the Covid-19 virus, we are deciding on next best steps for our studio, ensuring we can support our community to stay healthy.  Please check back for updates, as we are assessing the situation day by day.

We are monitoring recommendations by Health Canada and Ottawa Public Health.  As we are a small shared health facility, with shared props, we have additional considerations through this, in supporting everyone to stay healthy.  This is new and uncharted territory, which we take very seriously.  The biggest challenge we face is the close proximity of our students at our studio.

At this time we are keeping an eye on  The Public Health Agency of Canada , the World Health Organization has characterized the COVID – 19 outbreak as a pandemic.  Strategies are being put in place, which we take very seriously and support.  We continue to monitor their site, as well as recommendations from Canadian and Ontario government health websites.

If you are feeling unwell in any way, or have been in contact with anyone that is showing signs of illness we ask you to please stay home.  Also consider your own individual health profile, if you are immuno-compromised or vulnerable, or have someone at home that is vulnerable, it is best to stay home during this time. This is important.

What We’re Doing to take proper precautions and support you:

  • Increasing the frequency of sanitizing our studio.  This includes wiping down surfaces, door handles, floors, props, etc with a hospital-grade disinfectant after every class.
  • Disinfecting all mats, blocks, and props after every class.
  • Canceling classes which use extra props, and need extra support
  • Suspending hands-on adjustments/assists in all classes.
  • Providing hand sanitizer while supplies are available (although this is hard to come by at the moment).

What We’re Asking You To Do

  • If you are feeling at all unwell, please stay home.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap, frequently throughout the day.  Ensure  a proper 30 second hand wash every time.
  • If you have your own mats, blankets and props at home, bring them for your studio practice
  •  Upon arrival at the studio, use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands with soap.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes and others in our space.
  • Cover up when sneezing or coughing.
  • Check our website daily for schedule changes
  • Follow Health Canada guidelines if you have been travelling and otherwise.

We will continue to do our best to contribute to the overall health of our students and teachers, based on the most up-to-date information being provided by Health Canada.

As of Monday, March 16th we will have limited classes on our schedule.  We will post up to date changes on our website schedule

Classes which will still be running:

Mondays Pilates with Lynne (12:00)

Tuesdays Mens Yoga (6:00) and Hatha Mixer with Lindsey (7:30)

Wednesdays Mindfulness with Amber (7:15)

Saturdays Kundalini with Amber (9:00)

If this schedule needs to change we will notify you, as well updates will be posted on our schedule as changes happen.

Please note the following classes will be canceled as of Monday, March 16th.  At this time we will be suspending these classes through to March 27th, and will reassess at that time.

Mondays:  Kundalini with Mary (5:45), Yin with Rachelle (7:30)

Tuesdays:  Gentle Hatha with Jenny (10:00), Restorative with Amber (1:00)

Wednesdays:  Kundalini with Rachelle (11:45), Our Prenatal Series will be put on hold

Thursdays:  Hatha with Jenny (10:00),  Mindfulness with Amber (1:30) Yin with Margie (5:45)

Fridays: Kundalini Bliss Rotation (9:30)

We have put more stringent protocols in place to ensure we are disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning all aspects of our studio (surfaces, floors, door handles, props, blankets).  Again, we do recommend if you come to class during this time, you consider bringing your own props and mat, but please note we will be using minimal props and suspend all hands on adjustments and assists in our classes at this time.

Just a reminder, if you aren’t feeling well, please stay home.  This is especially important right now.

For those of you with unlimited memberships, we will make adjustments on your expiry date to honor our limited schedule, we can also put your pass on hold until we find ourselves on the other side of this, just send us an email at

Thank you for your patience as we move through this very confusing and challenging time.  We want all of you to stay healthy and feel supported right now.  Although our schedule is VERY limited during this time, we feel it’s important for you to still have a safe space to come to support your health and mental well-being if that would be supportive right now.  We do however need you to commit to taking the best care of yourself and please do your due diligence in your own decision making and personal practices.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

Please check back for recent updates and / or changes to our schedule.

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