Studio Closure

Sat Naam and Namaste

This post is being written with so many mixed emotions and careful consideration of  many factors.  We have made a decision to cancel all of our classes at the studio effective Monday, March 16th through to Friday, March 27th.  

We are being faced with a global health crises.  Our Vision at Surya Daya Yoga & Wellness is

A Healthy, Happy, and Supported Global Community

We are very committed to this vision and our primary motivation in our work is doing our part in our own little pocket of the world to support and help to make a healthy difference in the world.  To hold our community, small and large, in our hearts every time we show up to hold safe space.  This is what drives us.

We realize to truly live our yoga, we need to honor this call for action that is being asked of us on a global level.  We have a social responsibility to do everything we can to support one another and right now it feels like the best way we can do that is to do our part to help contain this virus, and respect what is being asked from us on an international level.

You all mean the world to us, and we understand that a short term closure perhaps is the best way to help you all stay safe and healthy.  BUT please keep doing your yoga, your body and mind need these practices right now more than ever.  Spend time in nature, nourish yourself, do the things you love while spending extra time at home.  

We know we’re going to be okay, and we need you to know that too.  We understand there is so much fear and anxiety in the world right now and in many parts of the world that is very understandable.  Can we maintain our sense of balance and calm in the face of this global challenge.  Please continue to dive into your practice, and see yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, happy and healthy.

Our hopes are to resume classes Saturday, March 28th, but we will keep you updated as we move through this time.  

If you need any help at all, or extra support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We may not be checking emails as frequently during this time, but we will get back to you as soon as we can.

You are our top priority, which is what this decision was born from.

Yours in health, wrapping you in love and light

Amber, and your yoga family at Surya Daya




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