With so much gratitude

THANK you so much for joining our first live zoom class this morning!! wow, what a gift, for all of us!!

Some technical details to work out, but perhaps that’s what makes us human…..The gifts of imperfection.

Our online live classes will be posted on our website schedule page, with links to join, and on our blog.

I can send you the video from this morning ( I believe) if you were in attendance, but to respect those that joined first thing on a Saturday morning and are also on screen, I won’t be posting for everyone to view or share.

If you were with us or had hopes to join but were unable, send me an email and I will send you a copy of our practice over the next few days. With the understanding it is only for your personal practice. What a beautiful way for us to come together, I can’t wait for our next class – zoom and down the road in person again. My love is with EACH of you. I wish my heart could speak. Sat Naam

couple love thank you
Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

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