Day 5 Yoga Challenge with Amber

Namaste and Welcome to Day 5!

I’m so grateful you’re here!  

In today’s  practice we’re going to be exploring one of the primary muscles (the iliopsoas)  that crosses through our pelvic girdle.   Opening up the hips and helping to create ease in the low back as we explore our breath and movement to open space across  our pelvis.  This muscle is intimately connected with our breathing patterns, our organs of elimination, our low back, as well this muscle and the surrounding muscles often react by tensing when we experience emotional stress.

I invite you to really take your time with these movements, explore your body and the sensations you experience in the postures.  Notice how you feel emotionally as the muscles soften and release.

To view the practice click here

I’m here, holding space for YOU.

On your next breath in, please send gratitude into every cell in your physical body, gratitude for showing up for YOU today.  You are amazing!

With so much love, Till tomorrow



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