Day 7 Yoga Challenge

Good morning and Sat Naam

Sending you love on this beautiful day!

If you have a pen and a piece of paper handy, I invite you to cut  (or rip) that piece of paper into 3 parts.  On each separate piece, write down 1 different thing you’re grateful for, then plant those around your house in places you’ll randomly find them.  I have a sense you’ll find them when you need a little pick me up.

How are you doing? Remember you’re being held right now.

After yesterdays little mini session with my boys, today I bring you a simple and peaceful practice with the intention to help anchor you back into your breath.

Your breath is the one part of your autonomic nervous system that you can control, that can bring your parasympathetic nervous system functioning into a dominant state.  That’s the part of your nervous system that calms and restores, it’s an important simple self care tool that can help you to be calmer, more relaxed and feel more in control.  It doesn’t always  feel easy to just stop and take a deep breath, but if you practice on a daily basis, day by day, it becomes easier to drop into this ocean of calm that lives inside of you in every moment.

To view the practice  Click here

Sending you love, from my home to yours,



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