Day 14 Yoga Support Challenge

Namaste and Sat Naam

Welcome to day 14 of our yoga support challenge, 30 days of yoga support from my home to yours.

Thank you for joining me today!  We have some furry little friends joining, as we do some seated movements with a little pet therapy.  If you have a cuddly little friend, or a favorite stuffed animal or pillow, I invite you to bring them into your practice today.

Inviting space into the thoracic spine (the part of our vertebrae which helps to support and house our lungs and heart), often the most immobile part of the spinal column.  This is a simple movement and I want you to make sure you’re really coordinating your movement with your breath.  We want to breathe a little more powerful, creating space in the intercostals (the muscles between the ribs).

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Take a few grounding breaths, feeling the space your breath can create all the way  up your spine and through the rib cage.  Then imagining someone is pulling up on a string at the top of  your head, from this lengthened place, on your exhale we’ll tip the body so the right shoulder moves towards the right hip.  Move through this sequence on both sides as many times as you need to feel some opening and release through the mid spine.

From here, we’ll bring our right hand to left knee (still in a seated position), and starting from the belly we’ll slowly twist towards the left, the neck should be the last part of your spine to enter the twist.  Allow your breath to be your guide, spend some time exploring sensations, breath and movement.  If you have the time and space I would encourage you to do this 2 times on each side.

When you’ve come to a place of completion, allow some neck rolls into your body, and whatever other movements you’re craving.

Sending you so much love, and furry cuddles today,

Love Amber, Noah, Solomon and Patch


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