Day 15 Yoga Support Challenge, a day to celebrate your self care!

Do you want to feel joyful today? Then please join us as we celebrate the half way point of our 30 days of yoga support challenge!

I am so grateful YOU are here

Welcome to day 15, wahe guru!

Since ancient times we have danced; together, alone, and in community to support healing. I invite you to dance with us as a moving meditation to release stress and tension in your own bodymind, and also as a prayer for the earth to heal, for eachother to heal, for our global community and for ourselves.  I encourage you to continue with this practice after our time together today, put on your favorite song, you know that one that really gets you moving and grooving, connecting with those deeper spaces infused with joy!

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

-Martha Graham

To join in our dance party click here

My heart is with each of you on this journey!

I look forward to being with you tomorrow

with so much love Amber (and Noah and Lucas)

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