Day 16 Yoga Support with Amber

The following quote is one of my favorites and serves as a daily reminder

Happiness is already there, in relaxation and letting go

Don’t strain yourself, there is nothing to do…….

Only our search for happiness prevents us from seeing it……

Don’t believe in the reality of good and bad experiences;

They are like rainbows

Wanting to grasp the ungraspable, you exhaust yourself in vain

As soon as you relax this grasping, space is there

– open, inviting, and comfortable.

So, make use of it, All is yours already.

Don’t search any further……..

Nothing to do

Nothing to force, 

Nothing to want,

 – and everything happens by itself.

-Lama Gendun Rinpoche


I am so grateful you are here, Day 16 of our yoga support during a challenging time.

Still feeling pretty joyful after yesterdays dance celebration!

Today we explore an expansive radiant body breath and some variations of bridge pose, a beautiful posture to support a deeper reflection in what is authentic and true for us, and aligning that with how we show up in the world.  If you give yourself permission to explore the introspective place in this opening, the experience can support us to bridge our inner truth with our outer experience of living our truth.

Do you express yourself in alignment with your values?

Do you live with integrity, and speak up courageously for what you believe in?

Are you gentle with yourself in your process?

Do you follow and speak your heart wisdom?  

Take some time in this posture, noticing what comes up for you.  I want you to also connect with sensations in your body, where do you feel restricted or challenged in this sequence, where is your “sweet spot” in YOUR full expression of this posture (your hips may be just slightly lifted off the floor) and can you accept your body for exactly where you are in your practice? Where is there spaciousness and ease in your physical experience, including your breath?

To view the practice click here

Start slowly, and I encourage you to do a few gentle warm up movements before you explore bridge, maybe some shoulder rolls, easeful pelvic tilts, dropping knees from side to side, or hugging knees to chest and making some circles.  When you feel ready, we’ll take a few breaths settling with knees in a bent position grounding our feet on the floor and then  slowly move the hips up towards the sky.  Really honor what your body is needing today when you choose which variation you’ll spend some time in  – a more restorative version with a support under your hips?  Your hands interlaced under your buttocks?  or perhaps your hands or a block supporting under your low back.  Wherever you end up make sure you feel supported and at ease in the posture.

This posture is a wonderful way to release tension through the pelvis and the chest, releasing many of our habitual postural patterns.

Please know how cherished and loved you are

Till tomorrow

Much love, Amber

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