Day 17 of Amber’s 30 days of yoga support challenge!

Sat Naam and Namaste!  I’m so grateful you are here today, day 17 of our 30 days of yoga.

Connecting community, and hopefully a little inspiration to carve out some time for your self care everyday during this exceptional time in the history of our lives.

Swami Sivananda Radha reminds us that twisting the spine touches on the basic foundation and functioning of the skeleton itself.

A flexible mind and an inflexible spine are very rare to find together.  If our body is tied up in knots, so often are our mind, emotions and our thoughts.

Our words can also often get twisted by others in our life and vice versa.

Remember though, what can be twisted, can also be untwisted!

A few words you can reflect on while in the posture today:

Foundation, what supports your foundation, flexible and inflexible, tied in a knot, spaciousness, bent out of shape, different points of view, unraveling emotions, exploring layers of a problem.

While our bodies move through our practice today, we’re encouraging so much vitality with our breath and with the internal massage of our abdominal organs as we move into the twist.  Our muscles along the spine are slowly released, we create space and encourage flexibility through the spine, as well as openness through the chest and the rib cage.

Let’s with a few moments of breath, setting a foundation for the posture.  I encourage you to connect with a feeling of  lengthening through the spine and expansion in our physical body.  Invite your breath to infuse the layers of this posture.

To view the practice click here

When you approach the posture, allow your breath to guide you, finding length in your inhale and gentle movement on your exhale.  Make sure you don’t twist yourself into a place of tension or pain, but rather explore the intelligent edge of the posture, guided by the intelligence of your body wisdom.

I’m so grateful you’re here today,

You are so very loved, and the world needs you!  Twist away anything that stands in the way of letting your light shine.

Much love, until tomorrow



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