Day 22 Yoga Support with Amber

Welcome to day 22 of our 30 days of yoga support during this challenging time.

I am so grateful you are here.

Every day we need to honour and remember our place and our collective responsibilities to the earth.  I am hopeful you are able to take some time today to connect with nature, and reflect on why it’s important to care. How can you continue to do your part, and perhaps make some changes as we are continuously educated on how  our choices directly and indirectly effect the health of our planet.

We are being guided to deeply consider all of our actions right now.   This is our home, and what we do matters.

“When the animals come to us, Asking for help, 

Will we know what they are saying?

When the plants speak to us, In their delicate, beautiful language,

Will we be able to answer them? 

When the planet herself, Sings to us in our dreams,

Will we be able to wake ourselves, and act?”

– Poet Gary Lawless

When we explore the true roots of our yoga practices we can trace them back to the earth.  The asana’s (postures) and pranayama practices (breathwork) are inspired by the earth.  We can immerse ourselves in the experience of tree as we really connect with our own roots, with mountain as we feel ourselves solid and steady on the earth reaching up towards the sun.  We move through sun salutations honoring the life giving energy of the sun.  We honor the creatures that walk and fly, those we co-inhabit this planet with, the eagle and the cobra.

Allow your practice today to open a gateway to reconnecting with the earth and all the glorious creatures we share this home with.  Feel the pulse of the earth in the pulse and beat of your heart, the flow of breath in your lungs, continuously moving, like the water flowing by.  We learn so much from the wisdom of our natural environment.  The more we give ourselves time to reflect and connect, the more we’re able to truly understand why it’s important to care.

I’m attaching a few video’s for you today

To view today’s’ practice, day 22 click here

Thank you for joining me today.

Deep breaths, we’re going to get through this and be stronger on the other side.

Be gentle with yourself, you’re pretty precious

Till tomorrow,

Love Amber


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