Day 24 Yoga Support Challenge with Amber

“Practice being gentle, respectful and loving towards the life force in all things.  

Remind yourself that your efforts do make a difference, even if you think they are minuscule in comparison to the magnitude of the problem.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

Such an important reminder for all of us.

You matter, everything about you matters.  Without you the web of life and all the pieces in it’s intricate puzzle wouldn’t be complete.  Remember the life force in all things is in you as well.  Feeling deep gratitude for all of life.

Before you read any further, I want you to stop, and if you’re not sitting down please bring yourself into a comfortable seated position.  Roll your shoulders back and drop into the experience of your breath.  Can I ask you a favor, could you try to be gentle with your breath today.  Try not to force, control or manipulate – but rather turning to your breath with respect, gratitude and kindness.   Let yourself sit here for a little while, noticing your thoughts and allow them to drift by like a cloud floating up in the blue sky, try to not to attach to your thoughts as you gently return to your breath.  Stay here as long as feels good for you.

Now, I can welcome you here today, Day 24 of our 30 days of yoga support!

Thank you for opening this message, it is really such an honor and a privilege to hold this window of time with you.  It is my hopes that our practice supports whatever it is that you need today.

I am looking forward to exploring some movement for the front of the pelvic girdle with you.  These stretches are wonderful if you’ve been walking alot (or running), and on the other side of that equation – they are also fabulous if you’ve been spending extra time sitting in a flexed hip position.

We’ll be opening up the iliopoas in a different iteration of movement, as well as releasing tension through the front of the pelvis.  Through these movements we also open space through the abdominal cavity, and our breath ideally will naturally lengthen.  Let’s start with some cat cow, to release tension in the spine and then we’ll explore these postures together.

To view the practice click here

Thank you for being here with me today.

I hope you enjoy the little closing song, it was inspired by the family yoga in the park Lindsey and I did together a few summers ago.  We look forward to more yoga in the park!

Take care of yourself please, you are pretty wonderful

Much love, till tomorrow, Amber




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