Day 28 of Amber’s 30 days of yoga support

Sat Naam and Namaste!  Welcome to day 28 of Amber’s 30 days of yoga support during this challenging time.

“I was coming to understand that at its deepest levels, life it not a problem, but a mystery….At one time or another, each of us confronts an experience so powerful, bewildering, joyous, or terrifying that all efforts to see it as a problem are futile.  Each of us reaches the end of reason’s rope…… we can either grip harder and get nowhere, or we can let go, and fall.  For what does mystery ask of us?  Only that we be in its presence, that we fully, consciously hand ourselves over.  That is all, and that is everything.” – Philip Simmons

I am so grateful you are joining me today.

We had a morning today where the wheels definitely fell off!  You know those mornings….or is it just in my family?  I believe we can all relate if we’re being honest, and during this time of “mystery” perhaps the wheels are a little less stable.  Today we took a different approach.  The sun was (and is still radiantly) shining, and we heeded its call.  Putting our bodies in motion with our running shoes on we moved the chaotic energy through us.   Walking, jogging, frogs, dancing – just move, remember it’s all energy and it’s up to us how we use that energy.

When we live with a mindfulness approach to our moment to moment life we can recognize what’s not working and when we’re starting to grip a little harder.  Slowly we allow ourselves the opportunity to make different choices that are truly more in alignment with our evolving selves.

Running shoes off, we decided to create this little practice for YOU.  The sequence we move through today is a simple posture set, but there is a deep wisdom and a gentle but far reaching release available in each of the shapes we will be guiding you through.

As we explore butterfly and camel, we are also subconsciously inviting space into long held stress and memories in the body.  Try to stay present with your breath while you’re here in the postures.  These powerful asana’s help us to release the layers  and the patterns that take up residence in our body, the layers that once served you – but if we reflect and reassess we realize they are no longer helpful.  In this simple practice, we respectfully create space and if you allow yourself time to integrate you may just notice you feel more easeful, and happier as you roll up your mat today.

To view the practice click here

If you’re able this is a beautiful practice to sink into in your backyard, allow the sunshine to energize your body and your soul.

Thank you for being with me today, this is a special little window for me

Remember you’re not alone, we’re all in this together.

With so much love, till tomorrow

Amber (and Noah)

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