Sacred Self Care, ahhh time to breathe!

Namaste and Sat Naam to YOU!

I am so glad you’re here, not only here, reading this blog, but you know here, on this earth!  The world wouldn’t be the same if you had never come along, and I’m so grateful that our paths have crossed.

Today I offer you some food for thought and an accessible pranayama practice video to help support you throughout the upcoming week on your own path to wellness.

The later summer months are a good time to set intentions for the autumn ahead and the unfurling of yet another new rhythm.  During the summer we often have more spaciousness as routines are a bit different, and old patterns have the opportunity to be shed.

These days I am finding I enjoy a slower yoga practice and a little more time in meditation (of course depending on my little’s – yes as a mother of 2 boys I have been blessed with the ultimate yoga practice; learning the art of patience, acceptance, deep joy and to go with the flow of life!).

Time on my mat I find allows me the opportunity and invitation to release any tension from the preceding days and come back to my center before I start again, over and over again, we get to start again.

My experience is that there really is no substitute for taking personal time and the required self care to nurture ourselves, this shapes the way we show up in the world, and the integrity we bring to our actions.

It’s that inner shift we support for ourselves, that makes  all the difference, taking that time turns what we do into the best possible expression of who we are in any given moment – and allows us the clarity  to always know we are doing the best we can, even if that doesn’t always look “perfect”, it seldom does – but what it is, is the perfection of our moment to moment reality exactly as it’s supposed to be – being gentle with ourselves as we navigate this human experience and all of its complexities.

I’m attaching a sweet little pranayama (breathwork) practice, my hopes is it will help to nourish you exactly as you are in this moment.

To view the practice please click here

Allow the length of each phase of your breath in this practice to share the same amount of time.  We start with bringing in a 5 second inhale, a 5 second breath retention and then a 5 second exhale.  Slowly, you can increase the length of each phase of this practice allowing each phase to build up to 20 seconds.  This breath helps to calm our emotions, it supports the  re-calibration of our nervous system to a healthier more easeful rhythm, and it helps to invite in the gift of patience as we patiently move through the breath.

Our under the oak tree yoga classes have been so very special!

We have been very excited with happy hearts to see such an amazing turnout every week, and very grateful for how mother nature has supported this venture.

Teaching on zoom all these months has been such a gift for me, but coming together in person – in community again, under the most magnificent ancient oak tree, has been pure magic. Thank you to; Alex, Lindsey and Jessie for holding such sacred space, and to all of you in our beautiful community who have joined us. 

We are feeling even more inspired to find our next studio home, and to think ahead to all the amazing opportunities for connecting our practice in community and with our blessed natural world.  Planting seeds, waiting patiently for them to sprout and for their eventual blossom – created with love and nurtured in love.

Much love to each of you



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