Did someone say SELF CARE???

I am so grateful you are here, honouring the journey and savouring every step along the way (yes, even the uncomfortable steps – it’s often when we learn the most).

Today I share with you a sweet little practice, the last recording from our cozy home in Almonte.  I have so much gratitude for this space that has nourished and nurtured my family, and has supported all the  live online classes and community yoga projects over the past few months.  So much gratitude.

Please join me for this precious little window of self care, and time together,  (to join in the practice click here)

A new chapter begins, and an opportunity to deepen my own practice, surrounded by the healing medicine of nature.   So much of my inspiration as a lifelong student, a teacher and as a massage therapist, comes from the lessons I learn from connecting with the collective energy found in the elements we are all a part of; the earth, the sacred forests, our precious waters, the air, the rhythms of the moon.

Taking time to simply sit, in awe of the miracles of life that surround us.

Our journey is many journeys, because everything we do affects something or someone else.  Learning to travel with dignity, with humility, and with respect for the creative energy in all things………..

There is life force in everything.  Everything is alive, animate, moving and, even if we can’t see that, we can learn to feel it.  When we do, we come to true awareness of our ongoing state of relationship.  That awareness lies beyond the brain.  We feel it in our spirits, our hearts.  It is there that the teachings live and learning occurs.

– Richard Wagamese (from One Native Life)

As we ponder our next steps as a studio and centre for well living in our community, we know in our hearts this next iteration will include a beautiful breadth of practices that reconnect us with our natural world and support us to simply sit, listen, and feel inwards.

A gentle reminder that I will be taking a 2 week break from my live online zoom classes from August 15th – August 28th while we transition, integrate and settle into our new nest.  I will be back offering live online classes August 29th (and into the fall), you can check our studio schedule here

We also have a few outdoor yoga offerings on Wednesdays through the summer!  Thank you to our community partners, we have FREE yoga on Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 – 3:00 pm at Gemmill Park (by the baseball diamond), brought to you by Carebridge Community Support and The Mississippi Mills Youth Centre, we are so honoured to be partnering up with these incredible and invaluable organizations in our community.  This program is supported by the Forever Young Foundation, and it is our hopes programs such as this one will help to bridge the gap between generations, working to build stronger communities.  These classes are intended to bring people of all ages together through an accessible yoga based movement practice; connecting, cultivating understanding and building resilience together.

As well we have our Under The Oak Yoga  back Wednesday August 26th (Please note there is no class this week Wed. Aug 19th).  A magical practice set on a private residence under the most majestic oak tree.  Join us for this opportunity to practice in community, come back home to your breath, and release stress and tension.  We will be offering these classes into the fall, weather dependent.  We limit our numbers for these sessions to offer them in a responsible way, and to help deepen the experience for you. preregistration is necessary.

Jenny and Simonne also continue to offer their amazing teachings through our adapted online live platform, you can register for their classes here.

If you have any questions, concerns,thoughts or feedback, we are always here, holding you in our hearts.

Everyday take some time to honour and give thanks to our true home – the earth, take time to nourish and nurture yourself – there is only one of you and you are pretty amazing, treat others with kindness – and remember to start with yourself.

Commit to your self care and see your light ripple out into the world.

So much love Amber, and all of us at Surya Daya

under the oak

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