Class Two In Our For The Love Of Water Series

Good morning on this beautiful Monday.  We hope the weekend found you nourished and that you were able to savour sweet moments that filled you with joy.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 1st from 8:30 – 9:30 am) is the second class in our For The Love Of Water Series.  We are very blessed living where we do, with The Mississippi River running through the heart of our community.   Take some time over the next few days, and in the sacred pause consciously sit by the water and remember how essential this incredible element is to life; to our survival, the survival of our planet, and the survival of all living species we share our home, the Earth, with.

Water is where we begin this journey called life and it is pivotal in how we thrive during a lifetime.   Water also teaches us to go with the flow; as we adapt to our changing lives, moving with the tides of our emotions and life circumstances.

Did you know that we are all guardians of the waters, and it’s our responsibility to act in ways that lessen our footprint and help to care for our waters for their continued health and longevity, understanding the ripple effects of our actions. We have a found a few resources to get you started, reminding us all of simple ways we can actively do our part.   Protecting Canada’s Freshwater,   100 ways to conserve our ground water protecting our watersheds

We are so honoured to partner with Ocean Bridge to offer you this all levels 2 part yoga series dedicating our practice to water conservation and education on how we can all do our part to protect our waters.  Join us tomorrow morning for the last in this free community series from 8:30 – 9:30 am (Tuesday, September 1st) for a mindful and accessible yoga set honouring the rhythms of the water.

Ocean Bridge connects Canadian youth from coast to coast to coast empowering them to make a difference towards ocean and water conservation. Each year 160 youth (ages 18-30) form a national team engaged in co-creating and delivering service projects for their home communities and two immersive expeditions addressing Ocean Health and Ocean Literacy in Canada.

We have many amazing designated natural conservation areas within, as well as just outside of our town.  The Mill of Kintail is but one example of our many resources here in the Ottawa Valley, they have some wonderful initiatives and are a great  connection for learning more about the importance of our actions in light of water conservation.

We hope you can join us, as Ali from Ocean Bridge and Amber from our studio, lead you through these classes!  Please bring your own mat, whatever supports you will need, and your own water bottle.  This is a special opportunity to learn more about water conservation, to move your body and explore postures that will deepen your connection with the water that flows through you, to connect with community in a meaningful way, and to reconnect with the water we are all a part of. We’ll be meeting at our own local waters,  at  Metcalfe Geoheritage Park

We’ll practice with a socially responsible distance between all participants, and masks are optional.  These classes are weather dependent, although if a little rain is falling it will simply support our practice!


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