Honouring The Vernal Equinox

Transitioning from season to season can be a very profound time, one which is definitely a more easeful experience if we honour the rhythms not only inside of us, but opening our senses to the rhythms in our natural world as well. Our environment can serve as a powerful reflection when we align ourselves and take time to listen. Join me in this beautiful pranayama practice, Sitali breath, to attune to the autumn equinox.  I created this piece and this little practice video for all of you beautiful beings, and to help launch my new Patreon Page , where I’ll be sending out exclusive practice video links, wellness tips, reflective writing, periodic 30 day yoga support challenges, and other special  little offerings from my heart to yours.  
This beautiful breath practice helps us to detoxify and let go of what we no longer need to carry – like the wisdom of our friends the trees, as they surrender to the changes the fall brings them; the gift of letting go to allow for a needed time of healing and hibernation, a time of deep introspection and integration. Sitali breath also supports our bodies to equalize and regain balance, it transforms alot of our more intense emotions allowing us to accept all aspects of ourselves and letting those emotions fuel us to do our work in the world. This practice is amazing for our lungs and our immune system, readying us for whatever the fall has in store for us.
You can access and download the practice: here
Take some time before or after to reflect on what truly nourishes you at this time in your life, it’s very helpful to write your reflections in your journal. Make a list of the people, the habits, the self care practices you engage in, a special tree, outdoor space or body of water you love to visit, your hobbies, those moments that help you feel at home in side of yourself, the foods that warm your soul. I encourage you to put that list somewhere you can see it and makes sure everyday you’re doing something from that list, not just once a week but everyday. Did you know that you’re allowed to feel happiness, health and peace, it’s part of your birthright. I just want to remind you that you always have a choice in what you engage in and how you choose to support yourself.
Now I invite you to write a list of all those things you know you need to put down, you know what they are. I encourage you to sit with the trees when you make this list, let them support you in being totally honest with what is needed here, and marvel at how they let go of what is needed at this time. Things to think about are the foods that in the moment might satisfy your soul, but then create a bit of an unwell state, the activities that take more from you than is healthy, hobbies or patterns of behaviour that you know are no longer helpful, the people that drain your energy, check in with your boundaries – are you taking care of others at the expense of yourself? Most of us do it – so don’t feel bad if you do, honour your compassionate heart and let yourself know you can turn that compassion back into your own self care.
Sometimes it’s helpful to write action statements beside each of these items – what steps are you going to take to let this go. Sometimes having some intentional time and burning this list as an energetic ceremony to really let those things go can also be helpful. or set it free in some other way that resonates for you.
Please know you are very loved, and very supported. Wishing you an easeful transition into the fall months ahead, finding balance in your inner and outer world. Embracing the abundance in your life, and savouring the magic of the palette found just outside your window.
With so much love


Please know we are here holding safe space for you.

It is important to for us to continue to make our support and our yoga resources accessible and available to YOU, we are just working on some creative ways to help strengthen that support.

Some of us have decided to continue to offer our online classes (live and recorded practices), even after we can reopen our doors – wherever those doors may end up being.  The schedule changes on a regular basis so make sure you check in from time to time.

We invite you to sign up for the classes you’d like to attend in the following way.

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You will also need to register for our in person classes, due to number restrictions – we will let you know once our schedule is posted, as well as all of our in person details and safety rules to ensure this is a positive and supportive experience for everyone.   Again – details to come.

Payment options

For all of our classes at present, you will need to buy your pass separately from the registration process

We do have several different tiers of consideration for payment that we are offering.  If you are able to contribute a little, we would ask you to consider our pay what you can model – where you can simply send us an etransfer in the amount that you’re able, either class by class, or as a lump sum amount.  As I mentioned, our primary intent is to help support you right now, whatever that needs to look like with your present situation.

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Our in person class payment details will be sent once our schedule is confirmed.

AGAIN, for online classes:

  • Once you have signed up for, and reserved your spot for any of our  classes, you will receive a confirmation email stating the Class Name, Date and Time you are signed up for.
  • 20 minutes before the classes you have registered for,  you will receive a second email with the Zoom access link and password for the class.  Click on the link to join the class via Zoom.
  • You will not be prompted to make a payment in the registration process, that is done either by etransfer, sending an email if you are mailing us a cheque, or by credit card on our website
  • If you register for any of Amber’s classes (Tuesday afternoon or Saturday morning), even if you’re not able to attend, she is now sending out a link through her Patreon Account to a recorded and downloadable version of the class for you to practice along with her at any time.  This is a separate service from our Surya Daya classes, but allows you to access Amber’s classes anytime.

If ANY of this is confusing, then please take a deep breath and take your time reading over all this information a second time. If it is still confusing, then please give me us a call at 613-451-2891 or send us an email at info@suryadaya.ca

We are here to support you, through this time and beyond.  We are excited at what the future holds for all of us.  It may look different, but hopefully we are all being given this time of uncertainty to clarify what is truly important as we move forward in our lives.

Take good care, always,

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