Happy Thanksigiving

Wishing you beautiful blessings this Thanksgiving weekend.  I realize this year will potentially look very different for many of us, I am so grateful for our beautiful community and this year I wish for each of you a peaceful heart.

Thanksgiving is  a time we pause and take stock of all we have to be grateful for, often the most important and soul nourishing are the simplest daily miracles that surround us.  As I look out my window I have a deep appreciation as we settle into our new home in the forest as my own roots sink a little deeper into this sacred land.  I give thanks as I find myself surrounded by the most brilliant canvas of colours as the trees consider the shedding of their leaves, preparing for the colder months.

I am grateful to be here, honouring this land, and all the beings that take residence amongst the trees – on the ground and in the air.

I am grateful for my body, as challenging as it can sometimes be, it is what carries me through my life and I know it is here with  me for this entire time around.  Sometimes we wish we could just trade these bodies in, but they are here for the long haul.  I am grateful as I learn to care for myself, my body supports me with gratitude for the daily practice of self care and  compassion.

I am grateful for all the lessons life offers me on a daily basis, I don’t always feel the gratitude at the time, but when I reflect back I realize how critical each stepping stone has been on my journey – finding the gifts in the darkest of moments.  I am especially grateful to those lessons that keep resurfacing until I  finally “get it”, and give myself the time to integrate the learning, the releasing, and the ultimate growth.

I am grateful for where I am.  It has not always been an easy road, but when we hold tight to what is most important – those simple whisperings of the soul and the deep acknowledgement of gratitude on a daily basis, we are heard.  With patience we end up where we are supposed to be, where we are most supported to grow fully into ourselves, I am grateful.  I urge you to never give up on your dreams, as wild as they might seem – for those are the true yearnings of your soul  – I beg you to not let yourself down.

I am grateful for all the people in my life, and the awareness that we truly are all mirrors and  messengers.  Teachers come in many different forms, I am grateful for the wisdom to listen and to let go.

I am grateful that the answers to our deepest questions live right inside each of us, and no one else can give you those answers, the answers JUST for you – they are there waiting within, waiting for you to hear them.

I wish for you time to sit and reflect on your own gratitude musings.

Starting on Monday I’ll be starting another 30 days of yoga support, only this time the theme will be gratitude.  I hope you will join me on this immersion of appreciation, Either for a few landmark days or for the whole journey.

Our Surya Daya Blog and my Patreon Page will be holding space for Day 1, Day 10, Day 20 and Day 30 – If you want to follow along for the full 30 days, 1-30 will be posted here

I have a pay what you can model (from $10 US – $25 US), and you can cancel at anytime – right after the 30 days if you’d like!

Every day there will be a gratitude reflection with a short practice video offering you movement, postures, pranayama, or meditations (which you’ll be able to download)  ranging from 5 – 20 minutes, to support your own wellness inspired gratitude journey.

This will be similar to what I offered our community back in April when COVID really sunk into our world.

Our online live classes continue, fueled by your feedback we know these classes have become an anchor in an ever changing landscape – internally and externally, they are for me too! Stay tuned for updates to our schedule here

If you wanted to purchase an online pass the links are below (old passes are also valid for online offerings), or send me an email if you have questions.

This is such a different time, in so many ways, and so many of us, personally and professionally, have been greatly impacted.

I know many of our shops will be open this weekend,  a chance to safely connect in community and support our local business’s.

I’m not sure what things will look like moving forward, but our commitment to our community has only strengthened.  We realize we will be starting from a new place one day, an even more community focused space honouring wherever we are in our lives at that time – building a new foundation to safely hold space in a way that supports the world we’ll be reentering.

Please let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, or if we can offer you some extra support through these practices.

May you and your loved ones stay safe this holiday weekend.

Sending you so much love, and a big deep gratitude filled breath









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