Yahooooooo We Made It To Day 15 Of Our 30 Days Of Yoga, Self Care And Gratitude

Welcome to Day 15 on our 30 days of yoga, self care and gratitude together!

I’m so grateful YOU are here, so grateful! Yahoooooooooo we made it, we’re at the midway point of our time together – well for this 30 day challenge anyways!!

Welcome also to our greater community, as we share today’s practice with a larger group as a check in day. Remember, we’ll be sharing day 20 and day 30 as well, to help keep you all on track during this time of great change in our world.

Today feels like a good day to move through some sun salutations together, as the rain falls outside, what a better way to celebrate our inner sun – carrying us through the cloudy days! Although I’m going to offer you a variation of sun salutations with rest periods and opportunities to explore along the way.

To practice along with me, and view today’s video Click here

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations are an amazing daily practice, they stretch all parts of you, they move our energy, they create space inside, and they help us to feel more awake and alive.

When I named the yoga studio a few years back it was a very meaningful and personal process.  I spent a lot of time in silent meditation waiting for the name to be given to me, I knew then things were changing and it was important to give birth to something new. I had countless conversations with my life partner around the meaning and the intentions that I brought and continue to bring to our community. I remember the morning,  It was very clear as Surya Daya was whispered inside of me.  Surya means sun in Sanskrit – the energy of the sun encourages us to grow into our full potential, inviting us to release unhealthy patterns and negative energy to welcome in a positive influx of strength, nourishment and love, balancing the body and the mind. Daya means compassion – the place I want you to connect with inside of yourself every time you come to your practice – your compassionate heart is YOUR greatest teacher. This is my intention every time I hold space for myself and for YOU, to follow the wisdom of compassion.

As the yoga studio is once again evolving, Surya Daya will stay with me, as a safe haven for your wellness journey. Grounded in compassion, always, grounded in compassion.

Take your time with this practice today, and I encourage you to move through the flow at least 3 – 5 times on your own. You can follow my offerings as a guideline, or allow your sun salutations to be birthed from your body wisdom, the best kind.

I am so grateful you are taking this time everyday to care for your self

I am grateful for these ancient teachings and for everyone brave enough to continue to carry the torch forward. I am honoured and grateful to be able to share these teachings with you.

I am grateful for all of my teachers, there are to many to name here, but I whisper their names every morning in deep gratitude.

What are you feeling grateful for today??

Sending you my heart full of love, ‘till tomorrow for those on the full daily 30 day journey with me, and for everyone else, we’ll see you on day 20!

Big hugs,


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