Join me in the woods for day 20 of our yoga support challenge

Beautiful YOU, celebrating you today from the forest!!

Welcome to day 20, wow, this has been an unexpectedly profound journey!

I’m so grateful you’re here, and for those of you joining us from our wider circle, welcome to a check point day on our 30 days of self-care, nature yoga, and gratitude!

Today is extra special as we also lean into the energy of the full moon and this transitional time in the full cycle of a year.

Sharing some thoughts that arose for me this morning…………..

Allow gratitude in when you don’t know something, this gives you the opportunity to feel curious, to explore and to learn.

Allow gratitude in during the difficult times. these are the times you have the opportunity to grow and to reassess.

Allow gratitude in for your real and imagined limitations, they give you opportunities for compassionate awareness, empathy and deeper understanding.

Allow gratitude in for every new challenge, this is when we access our courage and dive deeper into our strength, building upon our foundation

Allow gratitude in when you make mistakes, they remind us we are human and they help to keep our egos in check

Allow gratitude in when you’re tired and weary and feel like you can’t keep going, it reminds you to rest and to tend to your own self care.

It’s easy to be thankful for the obvious things in our lives, but the biggest gifts are often in the hidden blessings.

GRATITUDE ….. fill your whole self with gratitude……..every day……..

I wonder how you’re feeling today?

As I sit and ponder what is needed for our practice today, so many things float into my awareness, I sit and breathe a little longer before I press record, listening to the earth, and allowing the wisdom of our collective consciousness – yes that’s all of you, and whatever arises in my body, to guide our time together.

Join me as we move through a gentle flow of breath and body, honouring our yoga as a meditation giving ourselves permission to be mindful of the whole process.

To join me for the practice Click here

Make sure you listen to what is needed for you today.

Thank yourself for taking this time for your own self care, remember we have to build our own resources to continually nourish and revitalize ourselves in order to keep ourselves feeling balanced and whole.

Self care is paramount to your ability to keep moving with the flow of life, riding the ups and the downs. I want to remind you it’s your birthright to be happy and to feel good in your body and mind.

I wonder now, what arises for you as you turn your attention to your gratitudes today? Breath it into your heart, and send it out.

It’s a good idea to start with 3 things, they can be as simple as the pillow you rest your head upon as you drift off to sleep. I know I’m grateful for mine 😉

I am also grateful for my nana, who left this earth far to early

I am grateful for my grandmother and the opportunity I had to really know her and to really see her

I am grateful for the moon and all of her phases, for the wisdom found in aligning with her cycles, and the invitation for healing in the calmness of her energy.

Till tomorrow, and for those of you in our greater circle joining us for our check in dates – we’ll see you on day 30!!

Much love

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