Wednesday Wellness Reflections

Today I invite you to take a bit of time with your breath, not forcing or trying to control, but rather noticing your natural breath rythm with curiosity.  

What parts of your physical body respond to the movement of breath through your body?

Does it feel easeful, or do you notice restriction?

Is your breath rythm fast or slow?

When we are under a lot of stress, or we’re deeply concentrating, we often hold our breath, or revert to rapid shallow breathing, which in turn creates more internal stress on the body and the mind.

I invite you to take 5 minutes over the next few days to simply carve out a little window to observe your breath, and then perhaps invite the following practice into your body, noticing how you feel.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight – this allows for a greater ease in your breathing.
  2. Inhale slowly, through your nose – breathing deeply and consciously
  3. Take a minimum of 5 seconds  – first fill the lower part of your lungs, feeling your abdomen push out as you inhale, bring the breath to the middle of your lungs feeling your ribs expanding, now into your upper chest – the upper part of your lungs
  4. Slowly begin your exhale to a count of 5 or more, allowing the air to leave from your upper chest, your rib cage, and now slowly pulling your abdomen in to hug your spine – allowing your body to rid itself of any stale O2 in the bottom of your lungs
  5. Briefly pause after the exhale, before the next inhalation begins
  6. Repeat steps A to E at least 5 times in repetition, 3 times a day

When we nurture ourselves through our breath, we feel more grounded and solid in ourselves.  Over time we also tend to feel more comfortable in our bodies, more connected to what we need to thrive in body and mind.   

When we know who we are, we can overcome our fears and insecurities.  We surpass our smaller selves who suffer the slings and arrows of our conditioned reality, and we move to the unconditional truth of our larger selves.  The answers to the questions of what to say, what to do, whom to let in, and whom to keep out become a clear and simple matter of listening to our hearts.  That inner voice helps us align with our purpose, because each of us has a purpose, even if we judge it to be insignificant. 

The voice is there, we just need to listen to it.

When we do, we live in fearlessness

Arianna Huffington (On becoming fearless)

Thank you for joining me today

Holding you in my heart,



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