Honouring Winter Solstice – Mondays with Mary

Mondays with Mary: Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of Dec. 21st

Winter Solstice is upon us…. the shortest day of the year when we need our inner light to be strong within. Solstice is the time to go inwards and to quiet the mind. 

Our practice this week will begin with a 3 part sacred Solstice meditation to realign with the rhythms of the universe and to remind us that even in the darkest days of December, our inner sun is always there. 

Our postures will stimulate the heart chakra and allow light around all our inner organs.  Offering us a gentle reminder that we are all connected, we are all in oneness.

Feel free to do a few warm ups of your choice from past practices before the meditation. This is your yoga time, so the length of each segment is yours to decide.

Amber has also created a little special solstice practice and reflection for you, to view this sweet little offering click here

Sacred Solstice Meditation- Part 1– to build nerve strength and helps us to access our deeper self.
  • Come to a comfortable seated position.
  • Raise Left hand, fingers in guyan mudra (thumb and index connect, other 3 fingers extend up), at 60 degrees to the front of the body
  • Chant silently, Wahay Guru.
  • When ready, switch sides and repeat.
  • To end: Inhale deeply, hold the breath and allow the energy to circulate. Exhale, sit quietly and breathe.
Sacred Solstice Meditation- Part 2– to increase powers of concentration, balance and healing. Will stimulate the glandular system, release tension from both sides of the body and balance energy on both sides of the spine.
  • Bring Left palm over Right (males opposite), palms facing down about 4” in front of the sternum.
  • Focus at the Third Eye point between the brows.
  • Hold the pose, breathe normally and feel perfectly balanced between past and future.
  • To end: Inhale deeply, relax hands down. Interlace fingers and extend arms forward and stretch to your maximum. Then sit quietly.
Sacred Solstice Meditation- Part 3– to activate the central pathway of the spine. Imagine you are the universe- beautiful, timeless, creative!
  • Bring both hands into guyan mudra (other 3 fingers point up) and bend arms at the elbows, palms face forward (as if in a salute). Elbows press against the ribcage. Feel perfectly balanced.
  • Imagine you are looking at the tip of your nose.
  • Chant Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung
  • To end: Inhale deeply, interlace your fingers and stretch in all directions.  Then relax or stretch before beginning the postures.

Swimming- to open the rib cage, create space between each organ

  • Sit comfortably. 
  • Begin big forward circles with your arms as though you are swimming across a lake.
  • Reach out, extend make the biggest and strongest circles you can.
  • Go as long as you can! Make this work for you! Challenge yourself!!

Rock pose- come into silence, listen to the beat of your heart. The spine will open, releasing fear.

  • Sit on the heels and come down into rock pose
  • Arms extend back, palms face the sky
  • The 3rd eye point must touch a pillow, blanket or the ground- use whatever supports you need to make that contact. Breathe normally.

Shaking the Spine

  • Remain in rock pose
  • Inhale deeply, hold the breath and move like a snake to shake the spine. Exhale when you need to.
  • Repeat 2 more times.

Curl up, sit in Easy pose and breathe from the belly.

When ready, come into your shavasana and let go completely. Relax every part of your body.

A Christmas Blessing:

May I be blessed with good friends

And learn to be a good friend to myself

May there be kindness in my gaze when I look within

May I journey to that place in my soul where there is love, warmth and feeling

May I experience each day of the holiday season as a sacred gift

Woven around a heart of wonder. 


From our hearts to yours, may the Christmas spirit shine brightly around you and  within you.

Love to each of you,

Mary and Amber

Amber and Mary at our Gratitude Celebration last winter. Feeling grateful for all of you.

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