The Birth Story Of Our Elephant

As we move through this lifetime we encounter many different ways we are supported to feel whole, this is our birthright, even though it can often feel like we’re being pulled apart. 

Spending time in nature, connecting with the waters, the trees, and with all the creatures we share this planet with offers us another way to heal, and  a deeper understanding and appreciation of how we are all connected.   Often these are the moments we can feel whole again, even just for a breath. 

As we nurture opportunities for self reflection, we may notice along our journey that there are certain animals or places we feel are kin, in ways often difficult to articulate in words.   

I have loved elephants ever since I was a little girl, and have always felt a soulful connection with them (I sense I’m not alone here).  When I reflect on their deeper meaning for me,  what arises is this strong sturdy foundation, a reminder of the importance of healthy nonjudgmental community, ancestral wisdom, overcoming obstacles, deep listening, and supporting one another – in a true unconditional soul supportive way.  This is why they easefully made their way into my Surya Daya symbol (thank you Auni Milne), our circle of elephants.

When Jessica and I were at a women’s retreat, in the fall of 2019, our beautiful Elephant Wisdom card was born.  I was so excited when I saw the beginnings of Jessica’s creation.  I can close my eyes and we’re there again, the sun shining down as we sat on the wooden steps by the soft flowing water in Quebec, such a healing and soul nourishing few days. 

I share a very special and sacred connection with my mom.  She has always loved elephants, so I grew up with a love for them as well. When I met Amber, not only did she and my mom have the same birthday, they also shared a love for elephants.   

My mom had journeyed to Thailand many years ago now, and I’ll never forget how happy she was when she recalled the time she spent with the elephants.  A few years later, in my own travels, I moved to Thailand to teach English.  The colourful and soulful markets were filled with these creatures; wooden carvings, silk pillow cases, clothing, jewelry, furniture, all with elephants! I loved my time living there, it was an experience like no other to be immersed in such a beautiful culture.

The wisdom of the ages lives inside of you.

Open yourself to the unconditional love and nurturance in your heart tribe, you know who they are.  Now is a time in your life to hear their stories and let them hold you in silence. Listen to the wisdom they share, and attune to the wisdom of your own heart.  There is healing found in deep listening, as understanding emerges.

Feel all of your connections in the web of life, now and through time.   Gentle power and knowing is quietly waiting inside of you, but first you need to listen.

You are a being of light, treasured by all those who truly see you

Fast forward 13 years, I am now sitting on the steps at a beautiful retreat, looking onto the lake, I feel peace. It had been a challenging few years and I felt true peace when the tip of my pen made contact with the pink and blue watercolour foundation I had created. As I started my ink drawing our elephant was born.

Every time I read Amber’s words, the message the elephant offered to her, I feel comforted and reminded to listen to the wisdom of my heart,


While we sat by the water, I spent time writing and reflecting on the unconditional love and support that has shown up in my own life. Thinking also about how I’ve experienced community in both unhealthy and healthy ways.

 When I think back to that time, it reminds me that when we feel supported in the world, I think perhaps we can move through our lives with greater ease and compassion, genuine curiosity and our full presence. 

This is where our elephant was brought to life, through the healing of that sacred space, nourished by the water, held in loving soul nourishing community.

We hope our beautiful elephant can serve as a wise friend, holding safe space for you when you need it most.

We want to give an extra special thank you to Victoria  and Sonia  for offering us safe space that weekend.

Photo credit to Jasmin Mori, of Joy in Motion Photography

With so much love, light, and joy,

Amber and Jess

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