Honouring The Gift Of Renewal This Winter Solstice

Winter is a time of reflection and introspection, a time to honor our natural urge to slow down and drop out of the external stimuli and distractions our lives present us with.  Many equate winter as a harsh and hard time of year, but what if we embraced the darkness and gave ourselves permission to rest, reflect and renew.  Rather than resisting the tiredness that may be arising and the urge to spend time in stillness, can we accept the whispers winter sends us and dive into perhaps a quieter rhythm. 

I wonder if you can accept the invitation winter offers, to be gentler to yourself?

Solstice is a time to celebrate the gifts of renewal, and to honor the light that shines in each of us and carries us through the winter months ahead. 

I ask you to please light a candle on this winters eve as a way of honouring the journey that has brought you exactly where you are today.  Look to the fire to honour your strength, and keep the light burning as a reminder of the goodness in your heart in these colder months as the light in our natural world slowly emerges more each day.

Let yourself stop, breathe, and reflect on this past year.   Please honor your challenges and all the growth they have brought,  celebrate the ways you have risen, cherish all the moments that have brought joy to  your heart,  and please remember to give thanks to your beautiful body and your spirit for carrying you through all that life has presented.

As we release this past year with gratitude (yes even the uncomfortable bits), and prepare for what lays ahead, light a candle and rest in the stillness.

Sending you so much love,


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