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A little bit about me

My name is Amber Joy Young, and it is my intention to hold a safe space for you to come back home to yourself. A place where you can explore healing and honour your unique process.

Amber’s first exploration of yoga was as a young girl, when she stumbled upon a yoga book at a second hand store. In that moment she truly felt her first breath, knowing deep inside this was her path home to herself. Since that time yoga has been a lifelong journey, and anchor in her life which she holds as an honour to share these ancient teachings with others.

In November of 2018, Amber founded and began Surya Daya, the evolution of a local yoga studio, which was a labour of love. In 2020, as a response to global changes, Amber transitioned her work into a wellness haven on the web, to continue her work through yoga (online and once again in person), movement, massage, and many other wellness offerings.

Amber Young

She enjoys the balance of educating, hands on healing, spending time in nature, nurturing her family and offering safe space for supporting individuals on their wellness journey.  Amber brings a heart centered wisdom to her classes, and infuses the teachings with joy, laughter and appreciation.  She counts her blessings every day to be a guardian of  this amazing and beautiful community, committing even deeper to her yogic path and to being of service – this is her life work.

She has been an avid student of many different types of yoga and meditation over the years (yin, kripalu, restorative, hatha, kundalini, Integral yoga, vipassana, and mindfulness techniques) . Amber completed the 8 week Mindfulness Stress Management program in 2014 , diving into the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zin, which changed her life. In 2016 she journeyed through the 200 Hr Kundalini teacher training and became certified as a Yoga Teacher (under the amazing guidance of Devinder Kaur at Prana Shanti, Ottawa), and has since also completed her training in advanced breast health practices with Sat Dharam Kaur and Debra Curties. Amber continues her studies in  restorative yoga, yin practices, trauma informed work, somato emotional release and movement practices for those with chronic pain. In 2021 she completed her hospice volunteer training certification.

These are not just practices on her mat, but rather a way of life; reminding her every day (especially as a mom of two beautiful and energetic boys) the importance of self care and living with compassion, a message she strongly brings to her teaching.  Living life with an autoimmune disorder and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, has also given Amber a deep respect for the human body and she has immense gratitude to yoga and meditation for saving her life; over and over again. This perspective and personal experience helps her to hold compassionate space for you on your own unique wellness journey, whatever that looks like.

Amber has a strong anatomical background as she has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2004, with a special emphasis on working with folks with cancer (through diagnosis, treatment and beyond) complex care, end of life care, and the mind body connection.  Amber continues to offer massage, specializing in working with breast concerns, cancer support, chronic illness and trauma informed massage.  She has been teaching breast health workshops since 2007, and she completed the Mammalive 12 week Healthy breast program in 2020.

In 2023 Amber dove into a deeper understanding of sound and healing as she navigated her own healing journey through stage 4 cancer, and completed her sound therapy certification with Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone. She is passionate in the ways sound can inform healing, and weaves this extra support into her massage sessions and yoga classes.

She feels in this human experience we should all have the space to safely discover ourselves in mind, body and spirit, and she looks forward to supporting you on your unique journey.

Amber teaches in person and online zoom wellness classes. She is also the co-creator of Soul Wisdom Self Reflections cards.

She is excited to be launching her next offering of her healthy breast program in the spring of 2024. Stay tuned for details. Inspired by her years of massage experience, a lifetime of yoga and the work of Sat Dharam Kaur and Debra Curties, working to empower individuals through education and community.

Amber offers private and small group forest yoga sessions, and private classes in her private studio space or in the comfort of your own home (live in person or virtually).  Amber provides massage therapy (focusing on cancer care), as well she teaches relaxation workshops, and programs exploring yoga and chronic pain.


Jessica Hibberd

Jessica is an Almonte-based artist who has been creating art ever since she can remember. Originally from the West coast of Canada, she rekindled her passion for art in 2012 while travelling back to the Pacific Ocean. It was there that her abstract style found its beginnings on a floating fishing lodge off the coast of Vancouver Island, inspired by the whales and peacefulness of the sea.

Jessica has received a BA in Psychology from Carleton University, taught high school in Southern Thailand, volunteered at the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre and has experience as a classroom assistant at an Ottawa based Montessori school.

She currently works for the Government of Canada and lives in the artistic community of Almonte. Her most recent projects include hand-built pottery with carved designs inspired by nature and her travels. Art has always been a relaxing and joyful experience that she enjoys sharing with others!

Jessica Hibberd

Jessica facilitates art and yoga workshops, and she is also the co-creator of Soul Wisdom Self Reflections cards.

Lindsey Lambden

Lindsey is no stranger to the classroom. With her love of traveling and gaining new experiences, she officially began her teaching journey in South Korea as an ESL teacher. During her time in South Korea, she began doing yoga on a regular basis. Recognizing the profoundly positive effects it had on her and its ability to alleviate stress, she knew she’d found a new love!

One decade later, she decided to immerse herself into Yoga Teacher Training under the guise of Louise Cameron. Over the past many years, she has continued to integrate her love for physical activity, drama and dance into her teaching practices. She particularly loves creating a fun, safe and energetic atmosphere in which her students feel comfortable and are able to deeply explore their own amazing strengths, abilities and limits.  Lindsey supports the growth, diversity and momentum of this important work and community service.

In the winter of 2016, while 8 months pregnant, Lindsey graduated from the YTT as a Hatha instructor. She is thrilled to continue her yoga journey, as a teacher, and always, a student.

Lindsey is an anchor of yoga, and we’re excited to inspire one another and collaborate together for years to come, in service to our sacred community.

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Lindsey Lambden