Yoga and Movement

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Integrative Yoga

This holistic class integrates pranayama, meditation, toning and mantra practice, asana (postures), functional stretching, and  deep relaxation.  Each class has a particular focus to support you to feel the best you can in body, mind and spirit.  Rooted in ancient yogic teachings, modern anatomical science and heart centered movement, this class integrates various practices with lots of space to explore what your body needs. Suitable for all levels from beginners to lifetime practitioners.

As we move through the practice you are also offered variations and flexibility to explore your own unique guidance and needs.

Yoga starts within, this is important to remember.


Mindful Movement, Meditation and Relaxation

A mindfulness based practice of breathwork, gentle yoga, movement, and meditation.  We start each class connecting with our breath and setting intentions to serve as an anchor for each session.  You will be guided through some very gentle postures and somatic based movement reconnecting you with your body and encouraging easeful movement.  This practice helps you to foster a deeper understanding of what your unique body needs.

The meditation portion of our class will be a seated guided practice drawing on various mindfulness based techniques to bring you deeper into the calm oasis that lives inside of you – it is there, it just gets hidden sometimes.

We begin to understand the patterns of our mind through practice, and invite a less reactive way of being in the world.  Our time together ends with an extended  relaxation to help you integrate the session and deepen your relaxation.

This class is offered online live through the  zoom platform

Recordings of all online classes are also available on request if you’d like to practice together but can’t make the time. Cost: an online pass. Send us an email at if you’d like to find out more information.

In addition, Amber offers one – on – one private, or small group sessions (either online or in person).  She loves working with you to create a practice that meets you where you are.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a nurturing yoga practice for times of overwhelm or when we just need to reset.

It helps us to restore equilibrium, as we center back into our breath and body – aligning the physical and mental aspects of who we are.

The practice is about returning to your true nature, that place of infinite calm that lies deep within each of us – complete ease – where we can truly let go and heal. With each posture we drop deeper and deeper into that reservoir of calm available within each of us.

Restorative yoga is a passive, gentle style of yoga using props to support the body for longer holds. We start with some gentle movement and stretching and then progress into the supported restorative postures.

The class is a gentle style of yoga using props to support the body for longer holds, and is often accompanied by gentle supportive touch (with permission), or gentle holds to help deepen your relaxation experience.  Amber also offers personal one – on – one sessions where she integrates therapeutic restorative yoga with massage, based on your unique wellness needs.

Karma Classes

We hold special monthly classes where all proceeds are donated to a chosen charity or local families in need of extra support. The suggested amount is $10, but no donation is too small. Check our blog for upcoming karma yoga dates.

If you’d like to find out more about Amber’s private sessions email