Soul Wisdom Self – Reflective Cards

We are dedicated to your healing path, knowing in our hearts that when we support one another we truly thrive.  This is the first of our co-creations and we are so excited and honoured to share them with you. This deck is born out of love, joy and a deep respect for the medicine contained in our natural world.  It is our intention that these soul wisdom cards will help you find clarity on your own path. We encourage you to take your time with this process – understanding the deeper meaning for you.

We created 13 cards aligning with the 13 new moons in our lunar cycle of a year, making their way to you lovingly bundled and blessed in a locally handcrafted (thank you Paddye) cloth pouch, each sewn individually for you.

You will know intuitively the best way for YOU to work with this sweet little deck, but we also offer some ideas, or seeds, planted for you.

As you work with this offering it’s important to trust yourself and your process.  It is our hopes that you will allow them to be a companion on your path, their messages were whispered through us to share with YOU.

Please know we are here to support you on your journey.

If you’d like to purchase your Soul Wisdom cards directly from us, just send us an email at with your mailing address and how many decks you’d like and we’ll start bundling your cards.

Cost:  $33.00 (Plus HST)

We offer shipping with Canada Post (for a minimal extra cost of $7.00) or we can arrange free delivery locally in Almonte.

Our Soul Wisdom cards are also available for purchase, as well as other amazing creations at:

Bay and Balm,  located at 15 Bridge Street, Almonte, ON purchase link

Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre – Ninth Wave Arts , located at 4596, Carp Road, Carp, ON

PranaShanti Yoga Centre, located at 950 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa, ON

Dandelion Foods, located at 451 Ottawa Street, Almonte, ON

Thank you for helping us spread the love, and for your enthusiasm and support!

We would also like to take this opportunity to share a special thank you to our allies who were pivotal in helping us nourish this project to life.

A very special thank you to Dawn Walker for her amazing support, encouragement, layout and design expertise, and for helping us to see this project through to fruition.  We couldn’t have done this without you.

We have so much gratitude to Paddye Mann, who lovingly handcrafted each individual beautiful linen cloth holder providing a safe little home for your deck.  Her love, enthusiasm and support of this project means the world to us.  These beautiful pouches were made specially for you.

Thank you to Jasmin Mori for spending time with us in the woods and capturing images for our bio photos, as well as all the forest images you’ll find throughout our site.  Jasmin from Joy In Motion Photography, is a dear friend, and my go to for personal and professional photography.

Thank you also to Dagne Forrest for all of her AMAZING tech support.

It truly does take a village, and we are so grateful for the community we find ourselves in.

Jessica Hibberd is an intuitive artist creating since she can remember. Originally from the West coast of Canada, she rekindled her passion for art in 2012 while travelling back to the Pacific Ocean. It was there that her abstract style found its beginnings on a floating fishing lodge off the coast of Vancouver Island, inspired by the whales and peacefulness of the sea. The artwork for these thirteen cards started on a sacred site in Central Mexico, with the goddess energy card. Inspiration continued to flow from the lands in France, Ireland and Canada.  Jessica is magic at her craft, to see more of her amazing creations click here.

Amber Young is a wellness guardian originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the founder of Surya Daya and co-creator of Soul Wisdom Reflective Cards.  Amber has been listening to the healing wisdom of the earth, peoples bodies, and the energy around us; through workshop facilitation, massage, compassionate care and yoga since 2004. Spending time in deep meditation with the medicine of these sacred creations, she is honoured to share the wisdom of their messages with you here.

Illustration, Copyright, Jessica Hibberd, 2021

Text, Copyright, Amber Young, 2021

Printed in Canada, locally in the Ottawa Valley, with gratitude to Robert at Brittle Printing.