Autumn Equinox Blessings

The Autumn equinox is a time of transition, as we move through the next few months preparing us for a time of deep rest and nourishment in the cycle of the year.  A time of balance between the light and the dark and the contrasting energies in each of us. Accepting all these parts as integral to who we are, necessary in our growth and our becoming over our lifetime.  Resting in the ground of holy hereness, honouring where you find yourself right now – at this time in your life.  

We are also moving through a time of harvest, as we witness and celebrate the growth of the seeds we may have planted in the spring, witnessing this miracle of creation.  A time of gratitude for these miracles, for being here and also for the ways we are supported. 

The Autumn is also a time that we consider shifting our self care regime, honouring the changes in the season and allowing ourselves to live in resonance with our natural world.  Our self care routines are a way to build our own self trust.  When we show up for ourselves, it changes us.  We question ourselves less, we hear our own voice as important, and we thrive – so we can be who we truly are in the world.  If we can’t trust ourselves and listen to the wisdom within us, then what’s the point. This life is not a dress rehearsal.  Take time for yourself, everyday, honour yourself and show yourself the gentle care and love I sense you offer out so easily.  It has to start within. 

 Contemplative and introspective practices, including quiet time in nature, gentle movement, meditation and yoga, will allow us to work with sensations in our bodies and patterns we witness in our mental and emotional bodies through the changing seasons.  Through these practices we learn to trust ourselves, we learn what self love feels like, and we also start to understand what is necessary to put down and no longer carry forward.  

I have been quiet for the past year, out of necessity.  Honouring my own self care needs and offering myself love so I could heal.  This year I have traveled through the darkness cancer brought me, and also through the light.  I am so grateful for the ways I have been held in community, and for the ways I showed up for myself.  This is how we heal, and this looks differently for each of us – healing is not a cookie cutter recipe for everyone, it starts with listening within. 

I sense it has been an intense year for many, I feel that.  It’s important to mark transitions in a way that has meaning and makes sense for you. Autumn is a time in the cycle of the year that is so potent for marking these transitions in our lives.  We shed the layers we need to shed, we acknowledge who we are now, we give thanks for the growth and the healing, and we prepare for yet another cycle.  

During this chaotic time in in the world, we are all being reminded of how precious life is, can we hold ourselves and eachother with kindness and love in these changing and vulnerable times.  If perhaps you don’t feel that, then let me remind you how precious and fragile life is – and that you matter. 

I feel through my cancer journey I have been opened to a deeper calling of greater service to a world that desperately needs gentle places and healing hands.  Together we build our resilience, we can support one another to soothe and strengthen our nervous systems and to take time alone and together in community – honouring the need for balance. 

I no longer want to be resilient.  I don’t want to simply bounce back from things that hurt me or cause me pain. Bouncing back means returning to where I stood before.                                           

Instead, I want to go beyond the hurts and the darkness. The first step from genuine healing . . . when I came to trust and believe that there was a beyond.  

Now I reach for beyond every day, in every encounter, in every circumstance.  I seek to go where I have never travelled.  

I wake with the vision of a purposeful day, filled with adventures and teachings.  

Then I take the first step and try to make it beyond.

– Richard Wagamese

I look forward to meeting you in the beyond.

With So Much love

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A Time Of Balance Between Shadow and Light

As we move into the fall equinox, welcoming Autumn, we are once again given the opportunity to reflect. As our natural world embraces this time of equality between light and dark, I wonder if we can find that same honouring in our own lives.

A time of harvest and celebration as the air cools and the trees start to change colour and gradually shed their leaves.

During this season of change we take stock of how balanced we are in our own lives – does the amount you give away outweigh the amount of nourishment you take in? During this turn of the ancient wheel of the year, we can take that insight and start to prepare ourselves for the cocooning that lays ahead, as the steps we take now inform the months to come.

This is an important anchor point to feel deep gratitude for the abundance of your own life, but also to consider the parts that you are ready to shed.

I find the autumn and spring equinox very grounding, they offer us this space of transition where there is no dominance. Permission to pause and reflect on all of our amazing beautiful bits, but also to gently ponder what lays in the undergrowth. You see if you dig a little deeper over the coming months, and uncover what lives there, it often paves the way for deeper healing, deeper self understanding and in time a whole lot more of the beautiful bits to surface.

The equinox is a perfect point of integration and acknowledgement, if we are able to give ourselves permission to rest here for a while. This place of being and becoming, of longing and belonging, of light and dark, of stillness in between ……

The transition into Autumn is a time to both honour our wholeness and at the same time shed layers that inhibit our continual growth, without urgency but an innate understanding of what needs to go, honouring the mystery and the stages of transformation.

“In this stillness, I am the trees alive with singing. I am the sky everywhere at once. I am the snow and the wind bearing stories across geographies and generations. I am the light everywhere descending. I am my heart evoking drum song……. and I am time captured fully in this now. I am a traveller on a sacred journey through this one shining day.”

Richard Wagamese from his beautiful gift to all of us: Embers

Living in harmony with the natural rhythms around you, creates a profound shift in the way we approach our lives and our reciprocal relationship with the precious earth we are all a part of.

Wishing you an easeful Autumn equinox, with joy in your heart at all the abundance around you, the courage to acknowledge what can be put down, and the reverence to hold it all as sacred.

With so much love, and respect,


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