Spring Blessings

This time of year supports us to awaken, as we witness the signs of life all around us.

I love the transitional seasons, I find they are a welcome pause for integration, they help me find my footing and allow a gentle and reflective return to my centre.

Spring embraces the earth waking from months of hibernation, her long winter slumber. Spring is a time of planting new seeds and weaving new threads as we move towards the fullness of summer. In the depth of winter, we’re given the opportunity to look inwards and to honour the healing months of cocooning – and if we choose, to build our inner resources. When we live with the cycles around us, we begin to learn, deep in our cells, how important the winter rest is.

For many however, the pace doesn’t stop, which can feel really depleting and the spring may emerge as a wish for a little more time to rest. Honour your process, whatever it feels like.

Sending you lots of support and love filled wishes for your wellness as we welcome in the warmer weather, and witness the beauty of springs unfurling all around us. I am so grateful for good health as my own body heals from covid, perhaps a little more needed rest time before my own reemergence.

I love the feeling of the Earth waking, and the feel of the soft breeze on my skin enlivening my senses. Closing my eyes and hearing the bubbling of streams, the peeper frogs, the gentle fluttering of butterfly wings, and birdsong. Spring truly is a magical time of year.  

Amidst so much pain and turmoil in the world, we need to pause and remember this miracle of life. Sometimes that’s hard to do.

In this moment, I notice my own breath begin to deepen. In this moment I am choosing to feel into the natural world and all of life emerging once again, just for this moment, cherishing this breath – even amidst all of it, with hope in my heart for our future.  Life is precious, I wonder, can you hold yourself and one another with kindness and love in these changing times.

Let yourself emerge anew, honouring the past few years and the ways you’ve grown – or perhaps the ways it is asking you to care for yourself NOW.  

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Yours in wellness, with so much love


shallow focus photography of bird
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com