Day 26 Yoga Support with Amber

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”  – John Muir

Welcome to day 26 of our 30 days of yoga together.

What a time, presenting a doorway for each of us to dive into a deeper understanding and inner knowing of what we all need to thrive, that looks different for each of us.

I hope you’re finding time everyday to reconnect with that place of ease inside of you, and that you have tools in place to help you arrive there.

Today we spent our morning out in the woods, and were in awe at all the winged beings and their beautiful birdsong.  Our practice today is inspired by the eagle.  A powerful posture, Garudasana in sanskrit.  When we explore Eagle, we can connect with this upward spiral in our inner experience, as the body folds and wraps around itself, directing our energy upwards.  All our precious internal organs receive a flushing of blood as we compress our extremities and breathe in this majestic shape.

Some good questions to ask in this posture are:  Where I am in my life?  How do I need to spread my wings?  How do I need to conserve my energy?  What are the obstacles in my life?  What is being revealed?  Can I face challenges with strength, control and grace? How do I soar in my life?  

As you approach the physical posture, can you be there for a few breaths with that single pointed concentration, maintaining balance?  Please modify the shape in any way your body needs today.

To view the practice click here

Thank you so much for joining me, it is an honor working through these 30 days with you.  Such a powerful project infused with love and compassion for each of us.

Take your time with this posture, slowly entering and releasing out.  Take a little time once you’re finished to sit with the experience – let yourself integrate.

May you feel the expanse of your own wings, and know that you can safely open them.

So much love, till tomorrow


eagleJohn Muir Quote

Day 5 Yoga Challenge with Amber

Namaste and Welcome to Day 5!

I’m so grateful you’re here!  

In today’s  practice we’re going to be exploring one of the primary muscles (the iliopsoas)  that crosses through our pelvic girdle.   Opening up the hips and helping to create ease in the low back as we explore our breath and movement to open space across  our pelvis.  This muscle is intimately connected with our breathing patterns, our organs of elimination, our low back, as well this muscle and the surrounding muscles often react by tensing when we experience emotional stress.

I invite you to really take your time with these movements, explore your body and the sensations you experience in the postures.  Notice how you feel emotionally as the muscles soften and release.

To view the practice click here

I’m here, holding space for YOU.

On your next breath in, please send gratitude into every cell in your physical body, gratitude for showing up for YOU today.  You are amazing!

With so much love, Till tomorrow