Day 3 Yoga Challenge with Amber

Day 3, Yahoooo!

Thank  you for inviting me into your living room, or wherever you are when you opened this link.

Today I bring you our yoga from the woods, at a sacred space called Blakeney.  Imagine the water you hear rushing behind, taking all your stress and tension away as we explore our bodies through tree pose.  We taped this yesterday when the sun was shining, bringing you a little sun on this rainy day.

In sanskrit tree pose is translated as vrikshasana, Vriksha means “tree”.  In this posture we explore balance, steady and rooted as we bring one foot against the lower leg or inner thigh of the other.  Your arms are raised from prayer pose at the heart and slowly stretched over head just as the limbs of a tree stretch up towards the sunlight.  I suggest you use the support of a chair or wall if you’re working with your balance, being gentle with wherever you are.

To access the video click here – Day 3

Questions to reflect on in tree pose:

Where are my roots, and where have they spread?

Where do my roots get their nourishment? Am I feeding my roots, or depriving them of that nourishment? 

Which roots are mine, and where have my roots become tangled with someone else’s?  

Am I willing to prune my tree, releasing that which stands in my way of optimal growth?  

Enjoy our practice today.  I recommend coming into the posture 2 times on each side, stay focused on your roots, feel your breath, invite ease.

Looking forward to being with you tomorrow!

So much love from ME to YOU


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