Wednesday Wellness Reflections

Welcome to our Wednesday Wellness Reflections,

I hope you’re taking time to pause amidst this busy time of year.

I know I often forget to savour the pause when I’m trying to “get things in order” before the holiday season and the transition into a New Year.  Organizing everything so I can officially pause once the holidays are here.

I wonder if we would feel the same need for a pause if we were able to take healthy regular breaks during our busiest times.  I know we often feel like we don’t have the time to stop – but these are the times our bodies often force us to stop in unhealthy ways, or we end up spending our “break” exhausted and recuperating.  I believe we’re meant to actually enjoy this human experience, even when we have a lot on the go.

As the years pass and I watch my children grow, I’m realizing how good these regular breaks feel, and how much I don’t want to miss out on my life now.

Over the next few weeks I invite you to begin to incorporate little mini breaks throughout your day to nourish yourself on a daily basis.

This can be as simple as starting your day with a little bit of time to connect with your breath, simple long deep breaths and then committing to maintaining that connection throughout your day.  Consciously nourish your body with good foods, maintain your hydration, spend time with a gratitude journal, move your body every day, practice some simple stretches like neck rolls or shoulder opening postures to help keep your energy up and your body feeling strong, and protect your windows of self-care time regardless of what everyone else needs or wants in those moments – these windows need to be your priority even if you have to get creative.  Sometimes I find myself with legs up the wall when my littles need me in those windows of self-care time– holding space for them while revitalizing myself.

I don’t want  you to fall apart, the world needs you.

Make a list of easy simple things you can do throughout your day to calm your mind and give your nervous system a chance to keep up.

The more we can open around our hearts, the more we can remember to show ourselves compassion and kindness, especially when we’re being pulled in lots of different directions or our workload increases.

I repeat – I don’t’ want you to fall apart, the world needs you.

Thanks for reading, and taking some time to reflect.

Much love



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